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Love Through the Ages- Romance Anthology

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From the Pre-WWI coast of Boston, Massachusetts to the modern-day desert of Tucson, Arizona, love can be found throughout time.

Follow the four love stories as they discover the trials and tribulations of life, love, and the meaning of loyalty. These romance stories span across history to remind us that wherever we are, love can be found anywhere.

E.M. Lindsey combines her romance novellas, Time and Tide, Monsters and Men, Absolution, and Time To Wake Up to create a beautiful anthology for the ages.


Anthology Release

I’m releasing four of my novellas together in an anthology on kindle.  It’s called Romance Through the Ages, and will be available some time this week!  Keep your eyes peeled for my new release announcements and purchase links!


New Release

Available today, Time To Wake Up is on amazon kindle for only $0.99!



Get your copy today, and remember 25% of the proceeds will be donated to the ACLU.

Ilan Zoabi is a young journalist trying to make a comfortable life for himself working for Pride Magazine in London. Unfortunately, Ilan’s boss has other ideas. Sent to the hot, Arizona desert, Ilan must dedicate himself to writing a Week In the Life Of Rafael Flores–a former Olympic runner whose career was cut short when a tragic accident took his leg.

Unsure what to make of the assignment, or the happy-go-lucky cowboy, Ilan finds himself in foreign territory. But he’s soon swept away by the beauty of the South West, and the sunny smile of a man who doesn’t seem to want to let him walk away. Ilan has spent half his life asleep, he thinks, but when Rafael looks at him, he wonders if maybe it’s not time to wake up.

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