It’s been a rather long time since I bothered to keep a blog.  2016 has been a mad year for most people, myself included.  It feels a bit like someone angered the pantheon of Greek Gods and they’re exacting vengence upon us.

It hasn’t been all bad, though it’s been a bit of a struggle to remember good things happened.  At the start of the year, dealing with an illness, I lost myself in writing, and managed to tear through several books, and in the process found and fell madly in writer’s love for my editor–who now owns most of my soul, for all the amazing work she does.

Writer’s block came and went, then came back again.  I think I’ve worked through most of it, and I’ve enjoyed spending the last few weeks plotting out a couple of novels I hope to have released by Autumn of next year.

I think I’d like to plan a bi-weekly blog post if I can manage it.  Keeping in touch with readers keeps me motivated, and keeps me from sinking into the void of despair which I think is always haunting writers, no matter how much coffee we drink, or chocolate we hoard like a bunch of Sweets Dragons who thrive off sugar and the reviews of others.

I can’t say I’m disappointed in my progress this year, either.  I participated in NaNo in November, completing just over I think 70k of my novel, though it’s nowhere near finished.  But it’s getting there.  It’s nice to lose myself in characters I love again, and I think I’ve struggled with that most of all these last few months.  But they’re calling to me again, and that’s all I can ask for, really, as a creator.

So with that, I think I’ll sign off, but look forward to seeing me again, and hopefully by then I’ll have something to share!



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